The smallest by the giant

You all know the car giant VW that owned Audi, Bugatti and much more, but this brand car giant builds a very small underrated hothatch, the UP! If you want one you can choose of 15 different models like the Move UP!, the GTI, … and the E-UP! which is the electric version of it with a range of 160km.The price of the UP! starts at 9.975,00€ and for that money you get a 60Hp 5-gear manual dwarf, but if you pay 16.975,00€ you can get the UP! GTI with old school GTI seats and a 115HP engine what is quite much for such a little car that ways a bit less than a ton.

The UP! also has backseats and you might thing that there isn’t enough place for four person you will be surprised because there is very much space inside, I tested it some days ago and, in the back, you have more space as in a 2015 Mustang also the seats are quite comfortable but most of them are cotton and if you want leather seats you have to choose the special UP!. The trunk is with only 213 litres quite small but don’t worry if you order your passenger a taxi and then you can fold the back seats you can a space of 959 litre in the back that’s more as the trunk of an Arteon and a Golf together, so you are able to transport what ever you want like your model car collection or groceries for some months. The main advantage of the tiny car is that you can park it nearly everywhere, another advantage is that the costs for one are quite low and you have many extras to choose like a box with a cooler or heating for food and if you want a sportier look you can add the spoiler (already included in the GTI line) for 173€, but there are also some disadvantage of buying the UP! that you can't get a real navigation system you can only get a dock for your phone on that you can use for example google maps. All in all it is a cool car and for guys who live in the city it is perfect and for those who want a more fun car they can get a 90hp engine or if the choose the GTI they can get a 115HP engine. I hope you liked this little writting about the UP!