News · 14. September 2018
VW will stop the Beetle production
Accessories · 02. August 2018
My little review about the new Lego set
Accessories · 21. Juli 2018
1. Lego Aston Martin DB5 James Bond The new Lego Aston Martin DB5 is the perfect gift for Petrolheads that like the James bond movies and Aston Martin. With about 1,300 pieces it will give you many hours of fun. It is about 34cm long and 12cm wide. The model also has some cool features like raiseable bulletproof screen or the famous unwelcome passenger seat. You can also open the bonnet with a 6-cylinder engine inside. For about 150$ you can get your Aston Martin....
Daily heroes · 14. Juli 2018
My opinion about the VW UP!
Car review · 08. Juli 2018
Today I had the opportunity to get a closer view of the new Jaguar I-pace, first when I saw some pics of it I thought ok another futuristic EV that looks like a spacship but I was wrong in person it looks much better. To be honest it is the most comfortable car I was ever sitting in and I was also sitting in Maseratis and severel Porsches First I will tell you some informations about the car. The car is powered by four engines that gives the car 399HP/294KW the prices for it starts at about...
Accessories · 08. Juli 2018
About seven months ago at christmas i recevied this small blackbox from my grandmother. When i opened it i saw a really cool watch made by Breil in cooperation with Abarth. It has really good quality the watch strap is made of genuine leather that has two yellow sew on the side and the watch is waterproof 100m (10 ATM) but i noticed that you should try to get it dry with an towel to keep the quality of the leather and the watch is made out of stainless steel. The watch has also some very cool...
News · 07. Juli 2018
The Cullinan is the first SUV by the British luxury car brand Rolls Royce which is known as the manufacturer of the Queen's rides. It has a V12 engine that produces up to 572Hp which is quite a big one for SUV's, the technology of the giant is from BMW. This one was tested on an Autobahn near my home and was spotted by my dad
Gaming · 06. Juli 2018
My little review about the new open world racing game by Ubisoft